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Jungian Keynotes
In-depth explorations of key aspects of Analytical Psychology

Jungian Keynotes is a series of eight lectures at the start of each new semester for both ISAP students and the public. This series is not an introduction to Analytical Psychology per se but offers a short introduction followed by an in-depth exploration of a key aspect of Jungian psychology. The lectures will highlight a different aspect each semester. ISAP’s teaching program is not, and cannot be, structured as a linear progression of levels or a tidy division into topics. Analytical Psychology is intrinsically holistic, so learning is by a process akin to osmosis.

Jungian Keynotes – September 2023
The Analytic Relationship


The first lecture of this series provides a general introduction to the analytic process, including the knowledge and skills needed to work as an analytical psychologist. The seven following lectures highlight various aspects of the relationship between analyst and patient. What is transference and countertransference, how are they relevant for the diagnostic process, and how do Jung’s and Freud’s concepts and use of them differ? Which Jungian ideas are most helpful to understand and guide the therapeutic process? How can other concepts of human relatedness, such as attachment and intersubjectivity, serve the analytic process? The lectures also explore how the analytic relationship goes hand in hand with the patient’s relationship with their own innermost being, how the Western notion of the analytic relationship can be illuminated by a non-Western perspective, and how both relationship and transference can be seen as part of the interactions between analyst and patient.

All Jungian Keynotes lectures will be on-site and broadcast live on Zoom. You can purchase Zoom attendance below on this page. See our Zoom Lectures page for more details.

Date & Venue

12–15 September 2023


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Tuesday, 12 September


Nancy Krieger, PhD
01 02 Lecture | The Analytic Process

This introductory course will review the analytic process looking specifically at what happens during the analytic session; what we do and what we do not do. We will look at how central the transcendent function is to the process and how it influences the knowledge and skills needed to work as an Analytical Psychologist.


Irene Berkenbusch-Erbe, Dr. phil.
01 03 Lecture | Transference and Countertransference in the Therapeutic Relationship

A basic component of the therapeutic relationship is the process of transference and countertransference. Invisible factors evoke a mutual transformation. Analysts can be unconsciously affected by their patients; this is important for the diagnostic process. All transference projections, linked to personal experience, can activate the analyst’s countertransference. This joint creation of patient and analyst will be discussed.

Wednesday, 13 September


Yuriko Sato, MD
01 06 Lecture | A Non-European View of the Analytical Relationship

The analytic process is essentially dialectical. The analysand needs the “Other (analyst)” in order to become more conscious. Depth psychology was founded on observation of the Western psyche. Just as one becomes conscious of oneself through the encounter with the Other, the analytical relationship can also be explored and illuminated from the perspective of a non-Western psyche.


Deborah Egger-Biniores, MSW
08 07 Lecture | Attachment and Intersubjectivity in the Analytic Relationship

Some questions we will be pondering include: What purposes do these two systems of human relatedness serve in analysis? Why are discernment between and the overlap of them both important? How do they serve our own understanding of ourselves as well as that of our clients?

Thursday, 14 September


Judith Savage, DPsy
01 09 Lecture | The Ego/Self Dynamics within the Analytic Field

Jung’s notion of the Self as the center of the psyche orients any psychotherapeutic activity away from an exclusive emphasis upon ego solutions and towards a relationship with the deepest aspect of the patient’s inner being or “soul”. Jungian analysis is a dynamic interplay between the demands of the outer and inner worlds, enacted in the analytic field between analyst and analysand.


John Hill, MA
01 10 Lecture | Relationship and Transference in Dream and Fantasy

A lecture dealing with the history of transference and counter-transference, both Freudian and Jungian, with vignettes on defence, projective-identification, mutual transference and archetypal transference.

Friday, 15 September


Allan Guggenbühl, Dr. phil.
01 11 Lecture | Discovering Jung: Unraveling the Key Significances for Psychotherapy

Jungian psychology applies to a wide range of topics and challenges. This lecture will concentrate on the ideas which have proven to be helpful to understand and guide a therapeutic process.


John Desteian, JD, DPsy
12 12 Lecture | Transference or Relationship: A False Dichotomy?

This lecture examines the give and take in the analytic discourse and what is revealed in the interactions between analyst and analysand.

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