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ISAPZURICH is the non-profit educational arm of the Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology Zurich (AGAP), one of the founding and still one of the largest member groups of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the worldwide umbrella group of recognition for Jungian Analysts and Analytical Psychologists. AGAP is committed to post-graduate level, full-time immersion in Analytical Psychology in Zürich—be it for professional or personal purposes. The Swiss Bureau for Health (BAG) also recognizes the CH-program of ISAPZURICH, which runs under the responsibility of the Association for Swiss Psychotherapy (ASP), which assures a high quality of ethical and academic standards within a culture of exchange and cooperation which are in any case fundamental to ISAPZURICH.

Organizational Chart - ISAPZURICH

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Organizational Chart - CH-Programm

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Documents related to the CH-Program can be found on the CH-Program page.


Elected Members of Committees by the ISAP Participants Assembly on 25 March, 2023

Deborah Egger (President)
Ann Chia-Yi Li (Vice President)
Yuriko Sato (Director of Studies - International Program)
Lucienne Marguerat (Director of Studies - CH Program & Director of Admissions)
(Program Director: vacant)
John Desteian (Treasurer)
(Secretary: vacant)

Admissions Committee

Lucienne Marguerat (Director)
Marco Della Chiesa
Christiana Ludwig
Jody Schlatter
Sandy Schnekenburger
Erhard Trittibach
Ilsabe von Uslar

Studies Committee

Yuriko Sato (Director of Studies - International Program)
Lucienne Marguerat (Director of Studies - CH Program)
Christiana Ludwig (Exams Coordinator)
Ursula Lenz Bücker
Ursula Ulmer

Counseling Service

Ursula Ulmer (Chair)
Daniela Droescher

Program Committee

Vacant (Director)
Dian Abdurachman
Susanna Bucher
Anjali D’Souza
Galina Angelova Meier
Joanne Wieland-Burston

Promotions Committee

Ursula Wirtz (Chair)
Paul Brutsche
Katarina Casanova
Ursula Lenz-Bücker
Judith Savage
Erhard Trittibach

Nominations Committee

Nathalie Baratoff (Chair)
Susanna Bucher
Nancy Krieger
Christa Robinson

Finance Committee

John Desteian (Treasurer)
Paul Brutsche
Dariane Pictet


Working Groups

Academic Departments

Nathalie Baratoff (Coordinator)
01 Fundamentals - Diane Cousineau
02 Dreams – Douglas Whitcher
03 Fairy Tales - Nathalie Baratoff
04 Pictures – Kathrin Schäppi
05 Ethnology - Ursula Ulmer
06 Religion - Irene Berkenbusch
07 Association Experiment - Judith Savage
08 Developmental Psychology – Erhard Trittibach
09 Psychodynamic Concepts - Ursula Lenz-Bücker
10 Psychiatry – Ursula Lenz-Bücker
11 Individuation - Gudrun Kapferer
12 Practical Case - Ursula Wirtz

Jungian Odyssey

Maria Grazia Calzà (Academic Co-chair)
Lisa Holland (Academic Co-chair)
Susanna Bucher
Isolde Kunerth
Stacy Wirth

Zurich Lecture Series

Murray Stein (Chair)
Ann Chia-Yi Li
Luis Morris
Judith Savage
Kathrin Schaeppi

Arbeitsgruppe Deutches Program (inkl. Märztagung)

Paul Brutsche (Chair)
Irene Berkenbusch
Katharina Casanova
Margareta Ehnberg
Lucienne Marguerat
Marianne Peier
Ilsabe von Uslar

Committee of Care

Diane Cousineau Brutsche (Chair)
Vreni Bollag
Daniela Droescher
Ursula Ulmer

Research Chair

Christiana Ludwig

BAG Accreditation

Paul Brutsche
Christiana Ludwig
Lucienne Marguerat

Charta Delegate

Lucienne Marguerat

Students Representatives

Lauren Kosinski
Nick Paul Smith

Students Representatives to the Program Committee

Meg Hamilton
May Sharpe

Office Team

Melanie Bishop (Accounting)
Claire Ironside (Front Office)
Erzhena Ulanova (Front Office)
Barbara Jarrett (Library)
Catherine McBroom (Library)
Carol McGinty (Library)
Korine Bolt (Studies Secretary)


In accordance with Art. 34, para. 2 PsyG, the continuing education and training courses duly accredited by the Confederation are published in a directory, found here. The successful completion of a training course listed in this directory leads to a federal title and a license to practice.

Official Documents

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EN Organizational Guidelines ISAP 2014 2020 pdf 0644 27-Oct-2021 11:02 312 KB Preview Download