Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie


Stefan Boëthius, Dr.phil.

[email protected]

Avenue de la Galaxie 4
8410 Waterloo

Graduierter Analytiker
Eidg. anerkannter Psychotherapeut
Ist berechtigt, Teil der Ausbildung mit KandidatInnen des CH-Programms durchzuführen

Born 1954 in Helsinki, Finland. Citizen of Sweden & Switzerland, married, 4 children. Master & Ph.D. degree in business. Graduated in 1991 at the C.G. Jung-Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Federally accepted Swiss psychotherapist.

Today my major assignment is with ICAS Switzerland, where I am major shareholder and president of the executive board. Since 30 years my vocation has been to build bridges between psychology and the corporate world. There are many aspects of psychology that would bring great benefit to organizations. My ambition is to improve leadership and management by making it more positive for individual’s personal growth. The more we succeed in this ambition it will also have a positive impact on motivation, wellbeing and performance. This conviction has led to a journey with assignments as entrepreneur, board member in various organizations (including AGAP and ISAPURICH), management consultant, speaker, trainer, coach, and author.

Privately I spend a lot of my time with my wife and our 10 years old daughter. It is exiting to be father again. I also make sure that I devote enough time to my sons and to their partners and enjoy their company. Nothing is as important as good relations with your loved ones.