Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

The 2024 Zurich Lecture Series
Lena Måndotter, MA

The Transpersonal Dimension of Sound and Psyche

Music should be an essential part of every analysis.
Music reaches the deep archetypal material that we
only sometimes reach in our analytical work with
patients. This is most remarkable.

C.G. Jung (Letters, vol. 1, p. 542)

My professional life has been devoted to the healing powers of art and music. In the Zurich Lecture Series, I will share some psychological insights and spiritual experiences from this lifelong voyage with soul and song.

At the core we are all vibrations, musical compositions in motion and that is why we resonate in communion with the world of music. The human voice is the only instrument that sounds from within, and it is deeply connected to heart and soul. In the timbre and tonal nuances of the voice we can perceive psychic messages – way beyond words. The sound of the voice mirrors what is going on in the depths of psyche and this touches us deeply.

To liberate the voice is to liberate psyche. To free the sound is to free the soul. Singing requires deep listening, instinctual attention, pure vocal presence, and the song is a musical alchemical vessel for psychospiritual transformation. Music is a magical magnet, a sacred gift from the Muses, so that our songs can sound the mana of the Mysterion.

Date & Venue

2–5 October 2024 | Zurich, Switzerland
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Reception, Apéro, Lecture 1 & Concert:
Zunfthaus zur Schmiden
Marktgasse 20, 8001 Zurich

The first lecture, concert and dinner on Wednesday, 2 October will be held at the “Zunfthaus zur Schmiden” (Guild House for Blacksmiths), a beautiful city palace located since 1412 at Marktgasse 20, close to the Limmat River in the heart of old Zurich. The sumptuous late-Gothic Guildhall and the historic rooms with style, warm hospitality and tradition will make you feel welcome. It is a special privilege to celebrate the Zurich Lecture Series at this grand location.

2. The Human Voice - the instrument sounding from within, and musical mirror of soul and psyche
3. The Ear and Art of the Heart - the sacred chamber of remembrance, resonance and deep listening
4. Hermes and Orpheus - musical soul guides in the ’imaginal realm’
5. Song Therapy and the transpersonal dimension of psyche and sound
Foyer St. Anton
Klosbachstrasse 36a, 8032 Zurich

More lectures will follow on Thursday, 3 October at Foyer St. Anton, Klosbachstrasse 36a, 8032 Zurich.

2024 ZLS Speaker

Lena Måndotter, MA

Lena Måndotter is a Jungian psychoanalyst (dipl. ISAP Zürich, AGAP/IAAP) and a singer/song-therapist (dipl. RSA London, IAVMT). Lena lives in Sweden and for more than 30 years she has worked as a professional artist and as a song-therapist. She gives lectures and seminars at ISAPZURICH and has also taught at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, The Arts and Communication - Malmö University, and Jungian organisations in Scandinavia.

Lena’s film, “Letters to a Young Singer” (on song and psyche), had its premiere at one of Sweden’s most well-known film-festivals and her performances and audio-visual installations have been shown at Malmö Konsthall, one of Northern Europe’s largest exhibition spaces of contemporary art. She has published books of poetry, released music albums, and given photographic exhibitions. Her creative work has been awarded many grants from national cultural institutions and international foundations.

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Event Schedule

Wednesday, 2 October (Zunfthaus zur Schmiden)


Reception & Apéro

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Lecture 1 & Concert:
Vocals: Lena Måndotter Guitar: Pierre Engström
The concert includes Lena’s own compositions, interpretations of Leonard Cohen and Federico Garcia Lorca and hymns from the world.

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Thursday, 3 October (Foyer St. Anton)


Lectures 2 & 3: SOUND AND PSYCHE
The Human Voice - the instrument sounding from within, and musical mirror of soul and psyche
The Ear and Art of the Heart - the sacred chamber of remembrance, resonance and deep listening

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Light Lunch


Hermes and Orpheus - musical soul guides in the ’imaginal realm’
Song Therapy and the transpersonal dimension of psyche and sound

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Cost & Registration

Two-day ticket
ZLS 2024 (2–3 October, dinner and light lunch included)

Standard Attendance: CHF 280
AGAP members / ISAP participants, staff, and consultants: CHF 200
ISAP Students: CHF 110

ZLS 2024 (2 October only, dinner included)
Standard Attendance: CHF 200
AGAP members / ISAP participants, staff, and consultants: CHF 150
ISAP Students: CHF 90

ZLS 2024 (3 October only, light lunch included)
Standard Attendance: CHF 140
AGAP members / ISAP participants, staff, and consultants: CHF 100
ISAP Students: CHF 60

Final Registration Deadline: 24 September 2024

About the Zurich Lecture Series

The ZLS was established in 2009 for the purpose of presenting annually a significant new work by a selected Jungian psychoanalyst or scholar who has previously offered innovative contributions to the field of Analytical Psychology by either: bringing analytical a psychology into meaningful dialogue with other scientific, artistic, and academic disciplines; showing how analytical psychology can lead to a better understanding of contemporary global concerns relating to the environment, politics, religion; or expanding the concepts of analytical psychology as they are applied clinically. For the Series the selected lecturer delivers lectures over a two-day period in Zürich based on a previously unpublished book-length work, which is then published by Chiron Publications.

Postlude to the Zurich Lecture Series 2024

You are invited to participate in a day of Postlude lectures following ZLS at the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich.

Postlude Lectures

Friday, 4 October 2024


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof


Murray Stein, PhD (moderator)
11 24 Lecture | Panel: Psychology and the Arts

Panelists and their topics:
Kathrin Schaeppi, MS, MFA
“Psychology and the Art of Poetry”
Brigitte Egger, Dr. sc. nat. ETH
“Psychology and the Art of the Ecological Turnaround”
Luis Moris, MA
“Psychology and the Art of Film”
Paul Brutsche, Dr. phil.
“Psychology and the Art of Painting”


Luis Moris, MA
04 25 Lecture | Stanley Kubrick and the Art of Evil in Film

Stanley Kubrick, like C.G. Jung, was profoundly aware of the problem of evil. Using clips from his movies, this lecture first aims to experience evil as Kubrick wants us to see it, then to reflect about it using Jungian psychology.


Douglas Whitcher, PhD,
Marena Whitcher, MA &
Max Whitcher, MA
11 26 Lecture | Music Beneath the Waves

These five songs recreate a descent into the Underworld and resurfacing from the Unconscious: Ode to Anima, Tyger, Hymn to Sophia, Nightbirds, and Paper Airplane. I will tell you where they came from and we will perform them.

Per Lecture Fee
General Entry: CHF 30
Students & Over 65: CHF 20
Refugees attending on-site: CHF 10 (proof of official refugee status must be shown on-site for discount)

Gratis for ISAP Students and Analysts

ISAP Students will receive credit for on-site lecture attendance

For questions please contact
[email protected]

To register for on-site attendance please use the main
Register for ZLS Attendance button above.

Excursion: Guided walking tour in Basel of sites where C.G. Jung lived and went to school ages 4 to 25
Excursion Coordinator: Kathrin Schaeppi

Saturday 5 October 2024, 10:00–16:00

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Meeting place: In the central hall of the Basel Central Train Station. Go down the main escalator and turn right towards the large wall painting: `Lake of Lucerne, Vierwaldstättersee, Lac des Quatre Cantons‘. We meet in front of the large wall painting where you will find some benches. See red circle on the picture below. Kathrin, holding a flag, will be waiting for you there. (The group will depart from here taking tram 8 direction Kleinhüningen).


This guided walking tour visits sites in and around Basel where Jung lived and went to school from ages 4 to 25. As we visit the parsonage where Carl lived and the church where his father worked, an image arises of a fisher and farmer village undergoing industrialization at the end of the twentieth century. The tour continues to the center of Basel where we visit sites related to Carl’s visions and dreams such as the Basel Cathedral, his high school and university. Relevant connections to paintings will be made. Following the tour there is an opportunity to visit reconstructions of two alchemical laboratories.

Duration: 10:00–16:00, including lunch at a café (at own costs)

Cost: CHF 30, not including train and tram tickets at own cost (approx. CHF 67)

Maximum 12 people

Tour is in English

Restrictions: Physical ability to walk for 2 hours in a normal tempo is required.

Excursion Leader


Kathrin Schaeppi, MFA, MS, MLA is a Jungian Analyst with private practice in Basel and an active participant at ISAPZURICH where she regularly holds lectures, and is a training analyst and supervisor. She has been organizing Jung Tours in Basel since 2011 expanding her knowledge as she researches and thus gains new insights into Carl Jung’s early years in Basel that deeply connect with the nuances of this historical and intellectual town; also her birthplace and home. She is the author of a historical tour guide on this topic.

To register for the excursion please use the main Register for ZLS Attendance button above.


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