Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

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Way station for seekers

‘The unconscious itself initiates the process of renewal’ (CW14§548) but ‘Your destiny is the result of the collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious’ (Letters; Vol. I, p. 283)

Perhaps your yearnings for renewal, for depth, for meaning, for new direction need a resting place to incubate. ISAPZURICH could be that petri dish, providing a unique opportunity for an immersive experience in which time and commitment can foster the richest conscious/unconscious encounter.

Students coming from more than 20 different countries contribute to our institute’s international flare and cultural exchange. Likewise our faculty is composed of internationally active Jungian analysts and guest lecturers who bring expertise from other fields. Lectures and seminars at ISAPZURICH are held in English and German, while training analysis and supervision are available in a number of other languages.

ISAP’s full-time community enables a real sheparding of academic and psychological processes providing a once-in-life opportunity to ‘leave it all behind’ and revel in the necessary luxury of taking a deep look within in order to realign with ones own true nature and further one’s potential.

The genius loci of Zurich as well as the classical Jungian perspective born and cultivated in Zurich will be unique for your self-journey. Adhering to the original concept of analytic training as set down by Jung and his early colleagues, ISAPZURICH offers a rich variety of lectures and seminars during two 14-week semesters each year.

Whether you come for a few weeks or months or stay for an entire semester; whether you come on sabbatical or on a restorative vacation; whether you come as a ‘time out’ and some come to deal with ‘burn out’; whether you come to escape or come to explore: Whatever your motivation or circumstance, coming to immerse and engage in classes and the ISAP Community will go a long way in helping you find orientation and home again.

Applying for Matriculated Auditor status at ISAP, even as a seeker will help ensure your stay at ISAP is documented and that you have access to all privileges of the semester of your visit.

Our semester fees can be found here.

Certificate Program (in The Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology)

ISAP’s continuing education program in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology is designed for persons who are generally interested in deepening their basic knowledge of Jungian psychology. This two-semester program affords you time to tap into your own resources and strengths to help find a deeper meaning in life. It opens the opportunity for individuality to unfold, which Jung called the process of individuation.

The fundamental theory of Analytical Psychology and its basic applications are conveyed in theoretical and practical courses. The particular focus is on the ways of soul, and how these manifest and can be understood in dreams, myth, fairy tale and other symbolical material. Theory is presented in lectures, and seminars provide the context for practical application.

Understanding symbols and the symbolic world is central in Analytical Psychology and allows unconscious processes to become clearer and creative potentials to become accessible through interpreting dreams, pictures and myths. As a short-term student at ISAP these are just a few of the transformational topics you can explore to enrich your professional expertise.

An accompanying personal analysis is strongly recommended, and is available in a number of languages. Analysis provides the individual self- exploration that is at the core of a Jungian approach, and cannot be obtained in the classroom.

The Continuing Education Program is especially appealing to:

  • psychosocial and pastoral counselors who would also like to work with a depth psychology approach
  • professionals for whom self awareness and personality play an important role
  • persons who pose existential and spiritual questions and who seek a better understanding between inner and outer worlds
  • psychologists of other orientations looking to augment their approach to the human psyche

In particular, the program is intended for professionals who are closely involved with people—for instance those in business and management, social work, theology, teaching, natural science, architecture, the arts.

Completion of studies under these Regulations leads to the award of the Certificate Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology. This attests to one’s knowledge of basic theory and its application to symbolic material.

The award of this Certificate neither qualifies the bearer to claim the title of Analytical Psychologist, Jungian Psychologist, Jungian Analyst or the like—nor to conduct Jungian analysis, psychotherapy or any other professional practice of Analytical Psychology.

For complete details please see the Study Regulations document below. Our semester fees can be found here.

Persons holding the Certificate in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology may apply to transfer into ISAP’s Diploma Program to become a Jungian Analyst provided the basic prerequisites are met. Please see the Regulations International Diploma Program document below for prerequisites.

Study Regulations for Matriculated Auditor as Continuing Education

These regulations apply to ISAP's Continuing Education program in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology.

File NameTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
DE Reg Grund 20200417 pdf 0644 2020041806060018-Apr-2020 06:06 2020041806060018-Apr-2020 06:06 310 KB Preview Download
EN RegsFund 20200207 pdf 0644 2020041202472212-Apr-2020 02:47 2020041202472212-Apr-2020 02:47 191 KB Preview Download
EN RegsFund 20240503 pdf 0644 2024051701485017-May-2024 01:48 2024051701115417-May-2024 01:11 221 KB Preview Download

Regulations International Diploma Program

See this document for prerequisites for the ISAP International Diploma Program. These regulations apply to all ISAP International Full-Resident Candidates and International Part-Resident Candidates.

File NameTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
EN Int Regs 20201009 pdf 0644 2020100906224309-Oct-2020 06:22 2020100906224309-Oct-2020 06:22 602 KB Preview Download
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EN Int Regs 20240503 UPDATE pdf 0644 2024051405181614-May-2024 05:18 2024051401324214-May-2024 01:32 505 KB Preview Download
EN Policy Book 2020Regs 20240430 pdf 0644 2024051405181614-May-2024 05:18 2024051401324214-May-2024 01:32 306 KB Preview Download