Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

ISAP Library Users' Guide

Welcome to the ISAP library! Use of the library is free of charge for all ISAP students and staff, and all AGAP members.

External users are also welcome. Please apply in person to the library staff, and bring proof of identity (id card, passport, driving licence) and address. A deposit of CHF 100 and an annual user fee of CHF 50 (CHF 25 for AHV / student / registered unemployed) are required. Please note that we can only accept cash payments.

All users. You are responsible for ensuring that the library has your current contact details, especially your email address.

Borrowing and return

Books and diploma theses with white labels may be borrowed for up to 90 days. They are for your exclusive use for the first 30 days of the first loan only, then:

  • If requested by another user, you must return them so that they reach the library within 7 days of the recall email, either in person or by registered post at your own risk and cost. Delayed returns will incur a fine of CHF 5 per item per week.
  • Otherwise you must return them to the library within 90 days of issue (according to the date stamp). Reminders for overdue items will be issued automatically at regular intervals. The first reminder is free; subsequent reminders will incur a fine of CHF 5 per item.

DVDs, CDs and CD-ROMs with green labels may be borrowed for 7 days:

  • You must bring them back to the library within 7 days. Thereafter reminders will be issued, and fines incurred, as above.

Items with red labels or no labels (e.g., journals), and a few diploma theses, cannot be borrowed but may be read in the library.

Course items are restricted and must be returned before library closure on the next library working day. As these items are required by many users at the same time, late returns will incur a fine of CHF 5 per item per working day.

If ISAP is open but the library is closed, returned items may be deposited at your own risk in the box beside the printer in the room next to the library.

Items cannot be returned during vacation (dates in semester program).

Loans may be renewed upon presentation of the items to the library staff.

All outstanding fines must be paid in full in cash before other items may be borrowed. Lost or damaged items must be replaced at cost plus CHF 10.00 for handling and binding.

Finding what you need

The ISAP library holds over 4,600 items. All items except journals and the slide collection have labels and can be searched on the web version of the library catalogue. Access to journal articles in electronic form is currently covered by the ISAP Library and is available on request.

Each labelled item has a unique shelf mark which you should note.

Items are sorted by notation in alphabetical order, starting to the left of the entrance of the small room and proceeding clockwise, with the following exceptions:

  • Books with notations P, PA, PA-, PF, V and VE are on the free-standing shelves in the middle of the small room.
  • Books by/on Jung, with notations JCE, JE, JGD, JD and JX, diploma theses TI and TJ, and journals are in the large room.

A plan showing item locations, and a list of notations and categories in English and German, is displayed in the small room.

Please ask the library staff if you want to:

  • Borrow a loan or course item, copy a reference item, or make a purchase from the bookshop.
  • Reserve a loan item that is currently issued to another user.
  • View the ISAP slide collection on the students’ computer in the study room. You will be lent an external hard drive and instructions (English and German).

You can find our opening hours on the ISAP opening hours page.

Please feel free to email us with any questions about book availability or the library in general.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you in the ISAP library!

Carol McGinty (librarian, Tuesday-Friday)
Barbara Jarrett (librarian, voluntary)
Catherine McBroom (student worker, Tuesdays and Thursdays)