Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

ISAP Gemeinschaft beitreten

There are many ways to be a part of the ISAP Community. First, by attending any of our regular public events such as the Semester Opening Celebrations the first Saturday of each semester beginning at 16:00 and always followed by a rich buffet and wine. Also to close each semester there is a Graduation Party on the last Friday of the semester at 17:00, also followed by an ample buffet, Prosecco and wine. For exact dates please consult the Important Dates page.

It is also important to be on our mailing list for ‘interested persons’ to receive invitations and information about all our events for the public. Sign up here.

Students belong to the community as soon as they are registered at Matriculated Auditors, whether visiting ISAP in the short term as seekers on sabbatical or to earn the Certificate in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology or as a start to training. Students may opt in to belong to the Student Association, which hosts events throughout each semester. For more details see one of the following:

Analysts may join ISAP as Participants, providing they are members of AGAP. Please see Prospective ISAP Participants page for more details.

Alumni of ISAP, both analysts and Certificate holders, may join the Alumni group by contacting [email protected].

Last, but by far not least, all may join the Legacy Launch, which is a growing number of persons thinking toward the future and wanting to ensure ISAP’s existence by leaving items of value to ISAP in their last will and testament. These items include insurance policies, stocks and bonds, real estate, copyrights, instruments, and cash. For more details and help in learning about the tax benefits of such donations, please contact [email protected].