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Basic Jung renamed Jungian Keynotes

Basic Jung heisst ab diesem Semester Jungian Keynotes; das Format und der Inhalt bleiben unverändert. Basic Jung wurde im Frühlingssemester 2017 als eine Reihe von acht Vorlesungen zu Beginn jedes neuen Semesters für ISAP-Studierende und die Öffentlichkeit eingeführt. Was auch immer die ursprüngliche Absicht war, diese Reihe ist keine Einführung in die Analytische Psychologie per se. Um dies zu unterstreichen, ist den Charakter dieser Vorlesungsreihe mit “In-depth explorations of key aspects of Analytical Psychology” präzisiert. Wie bisher werden die Vorlesungen jedes Semester einen anderen Aspekt beleuchten. Das ISAP-Ausbildungsprogramm ist nicht als lineare Abfolge von Niveaus oder als saubere Aufteilung in Themen strukturierbar. Analytische Psychologie ist von Natur aus ganzheitlich, so dass der Lernprozess einer Osmose ähnelt.

Jungian Keynotes – March 2023
The Unconscious

Jungian Keynotes – March 2023


The first lecture of this series provides a general introduction to major themes of analytical psychology. The seven following lectures highlight various aspects of the Jungian concept of the unconscious. What is the unconscious? How do Jung’s and Freud’s concepts of the unconscious and neurosis differ? What is the personal and the collective unconscious, and how are they linked? What role does the unconscious play in our psyche and in the relationship between psyche and matter? And what are the indigenous, African roots of some of Jung’s concepts like the unconscious? Our dreams evidence how the unconscious functions, and they help us to cooperate with it. Pictures, too, reveal unconscious contents, inviting us to enter into dialogue. Active imagination, used by Jung himself, is the basis of some modern Jungian approaches to engage with the unconscious.

All Jungian Keynotes lectures will be broadcast live on Zoom. You can purchase Zoom attendance below on this page. See our Zoom Lectures page for more details.

Date & Venue

7–10 March 2023


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Tuesday, 7 March


Dariane Pictet, Ad. Dip. Ex. Psych
01 02 Lecture | Major Themes and Concepts in Analytical Psychology
This is an introduction to Jung’s structure of the psyche. We will go over the major concepts of analytical psychology such as ego and shadow, persona, archetypes, the Self and individuation.


Andrew Fellows, PhD
01 03 Lecture | The Nature of Psyche
What, where and when is psyche, and what is its relationship with matter and time? I will focus on Jung’s most recent thinking, especially his collaboration with Wolfgang Pauli. Consciousness per se is a relatively small, but important, aspect of Jung’s model, through which we experience not just perceptions, but phenomena such as dreams and complexes that have deeper origins. These lead us to the personal and collective unconscious, and fundamental concepts including the archetypes and their manifestations, the psychoid, the Self and the timeless unity of all that is, the unus mundus.

Wednesday, 8 March


Nancy Krieger, PhD
07 04 Lecture | The Personal and the Collective Unconscious: A Complex Relationship
We will be investigating the relationship between the personal and the collective unconscious, the archetype and the complex. It is not always as simple as it seems.


Douglas Whitcher, PhD
01 05 Lecture | Dreaming and the Work of the Unconscious

Dreams give us insight into how the unconscious operates. Considering the fact that the unconscious is by definition at odds with the conscious mind, any method that aims to cooperate with the unconscious will require a high degree of diplomatic skill. By steering a course between the Scylla of science and the Charybdis of literature, Jung left us with an approach to the unconscious that is constantly updated by means of the fresh data that comes to us in the form of dreams.

Thursday, 9 March


Lucienne Marguerat, lic. phil.
04 07 Lecture | Dialogue with Pictures
Pictures speak! They can speak to feelings, mind, body and soul. How they speak depends on our values, culture and state of mind. Some hit hard, some we hardly see. If we let them, pictures convey immediately an atmosphere. The first emotional response can be deepened by examining different aspects of pictures. The closer we look, the deeper we can be touched and surprised. Pictures brought in therapy are additional, helpful voices.


Ilsabe von Uslar Ryffel, lic. phil.
09 08 Lecture | Some Aspects of Neurosis in Sigmund Freud's and C.G. Jung's Views of the Unconscious
We will look at some similarities and differences in their understanding of the unconscious and the mechanics of neurotic development.

Friday, 10 March


Peter Ammann, Dr. phil.
05 10 Lecture | Listening to the Unconscious – Listening to the Ancestors: About the Archetypal Roots of Jungian Psychology
The aim of this lecture is to track back some of Jung’s major concepts to their primordial indigenous roots, in particular those from Africa.


** This course replaces the original course offered by Wieland-Burston, who cannot be present due to illness. **

Scott William Hyder, lic. phil.
01 11 Lecture | Beginnings, Endings & Filling in the Gaps: The Unconscious in Active Imagination, Dream, Fantasy, Projection, Image, Inferior Function & Synchronicity
Jung's creative approach to relationship with the unconscious found expression in many methods and techniques. Within the symbolic life, it comprises the dance of individuation with respect to/for both depths and surface, ego and self/Self. This lecture will use examples from casework to illustrate dialogue, drama and dynamisms that emerge, converge and engage within and through the psychological process of becoming more whole by embracing parts which help to heal.

Cost & Registration

Payment in cash at the door

The Complete Lecture Series

General Entry: CHF 180
Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 120

Per Lecture
General Entry: CHF 30
Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 20

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