International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Would you like to study Jungian psychology or become a Jungian analyst? ISAPZURICH is unique in its course offerings and international community. Here is what people have said about studying at ISAP.

Here is what people have said about studying at ISAP.

I was born in China, grew up in Portugal and work as a language teacher since 14 yrs along with cultural translation. Analytical Psychology is the only one that goes deep enough into the soul considering all aspects of the human being. ISAP is the only school open enough with complete studies in Jungian psychology in this area of the world. What makes studies so valuable is the seriousness of the study, the professionality of the students and analysts, their faithfulness and respect towards the truth of the patient including the absolute confidentiality.

Nádia König

I came from Athens, Greece. I have studied history and international relations and have a degree in Law and Diplomacy and worked in Greece, Belgium, Albania, Kosovo and Slovenia in the domains of politics. ISAP offers the unique opportunity of a full-time training in a community of students and analysts from all over the world. What makes the training so valuable is the deep sense of purpose and the commitment to the pursuit of meaning and healing shared by trainees and analysts alike.

Evangelos Tsempelis

ISAP is dedicated to training contemporary Jungian psychoanalysts to the highest possible standard. Working at the symbolic center of the Jungian world, our school draws broadly from the global community of training analysts and students with multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives. It is a rich and creative community of learning. I am proud and happy to be a part of it.

Murray Stein, former ISAP President