International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Guest Students

Offer to students from another IAAP training program who wishes to

  • become skilled in the classical concepts and attitudes of Analytical Psychology, for example: The understanding of

    complexes, archetypes and symbols appearing in dreams, fairy tales, myths and imagination. 

  • be at the source where Jung lived and his work evolved. Students may visit the Psychology Club, the archives of the ETH, ”Burghölzli” University Psychiatric Clinic, his house in Küsnacht, the tower in Bollingen, and other places where his Genius Loci resides.
  • Enrich your training to become a Jungian Analyst with the experience from another training institute, which offers a full time training.

You are invited to come as a Guest Student to ISAPZURICH and choose from our rich program what you desire. For further information see the Guidelines for Guest Students below.

Guidelines for Guest Students

Semester Programme Spring 2020
Semester Programme Autumn 2019

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