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Jungian Odyssey 2022
Rescheduled from 2020

Searching for Soul in Times of Anxiety

“I thought and spoke much of the soul. I knew many learned words for her. I had judged her and turned her into a scientific object. [....] Therefore the spirit of the depths forced me to speak to my soul, to call upon her as a living and self-existing being. I had to become aware that I had lost my soul.”
C.G. Jung, The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition, Philemon Series (NY: Norton & Co., 2009), p.128 [2].

Join us for the 15th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat!
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Since 2006 our annual conference and retreat has opened ISAPZURICH’s post-graduate program to all with interest in C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology. “The earth has a spirit of her own,” Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is this, the particular genius loci, that infuses each Odyssey as it leads us to a different place in Switzerland each year and inspires each Odyssey’s topic. So, too, this spirit imbues our presenters’ analytic views on contemporary research in a variety of fields, and as well, their handling of traditional areas of Jungian interest— fairytale, dream, myth, art, religion, personal and collective experience, clinical practice.

The Jungian Odyssey 2022 will take place from May 28 – June 4, offering nearly the same program and presenters that were scheduled for 2021. To see the postponed program, click Jungian Odyssey 2021 Brochure; see also Jungian Odyssey 2022 Flyer. Our venue for 2022 is not in Zermatt, but closer to Zürich, at the historic Grandhotel Giessbach, perched high above Lake Brienz and surrounded by mountains, forests, and alpine meadows. We hope you share our hope in the quelling of the coronavirus, and will mark your calendar for the JO 2022. Depending on virus developments, you should expect to receive an update from us, at latest, by early November 2021.

Date & Venue


28 May – 4 June, 2022

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Retreat Setting: Grandhotel Giessbach, perched high above Lake Brienz and surrounded by mountains, forests, and alpine meadows.



Keynote Speaker
Prof. Fanny Brewster, PhD

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I first came to Jungian Psychology through a wish to study dreams and the dreaming life. My dreams had been influential from an early age. When I decided to change my profession from that of a Speech Pathologist to one of Psychologist, I wanted the focus to be about dreamwork as an essential aspect of soul, consciousness, and creating change in my life and that of others. I arrived at Pacifica Graduate Institute to study dreams, which I did, and left with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. My engagement with dreams was equal to my interest in writing. An underpinning of my interest in dreams has been spirituality and seeking to find ways to deepen my understanding for not only human behavior but also the more important unconscious dynamics of being. The path for this was ever-changing, grew larger at times, and in some instances seemed to just disappear. Those periods of darkness were lit by my dreams. They guided me. On the journey I have studied writing, obtaining an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, studied the Enneagram with Helen Palmer and worked in public schools as an Educational Psychologist. My inner work has led to Zen Buddhist practice as well as the Church of Religious Science. Each of these experiences and more have deepened me as a Jungian analyst. My most recent writings, including The Racial Complex: A Jungian Perspective on Culture and Race, have provided me with a psychological lens that hopes to better understand our consciousness regarding race, racism and the deconstruction of ideas that support us in embracing the fullness of ourselves as both human and divine. I’m intrigued by how we do this as individuals, and how we can invoke this through our passionate engagement with each other in our collective.


Special Guest
Prof. Monica Luci, PhD

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Prof. Monica Luci, PhD, clinical psychologist, Jungian and relational psychoanalyst, works in private practice in Rome. She completed her Jungian training at AIPA (Italian Association for Analytical Psychology) and her doctoral studies in Refugee Care at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies (now Dept of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies) of University of Essex (UK). She collaborates with NGOs and national and international institutions in the fields of research and psychotherapy with vulnerable migrants, especially survivors of torture, trafficked women and unaccompanied minors, lecturing at professional and academic levels. She is author, translator, and editor of publications on the themes of trauma, torture, displacement, dissociation and collective violence, among which the monographs Torture, Psychoanalysis & Human Rights (Routledge, 2017) and Torture Survivors in Analytic Therapy (provisional title, in press, Routledge, 2022).

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Jungian Odyssey 2019 Photo Album

Rupture and Repair: Minding Crippling Emotions
Hotel FloraAlpina
Vitznau, Switzerland
Photos by ISAP Student Enid Madaras ©2019


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