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2019 The 14th Jungian Odyssey
Rupture and Repair: Minding Crippling Emotions
Vitznau, Hotel FloraAlpina

Keynote: Ann Belford Ulanov
Special Guests: John A. Desteian and Judith A. Savage
The Rupture and Repair Album by Enid Madaras


2018 The 13th Jungian Odyssey
The Labyrinth of Identity: Unveiling Our Unlived Lives
Gstaad Saanen, Hotel Huus
Keynote: Patricia Berry
Special Guests: James Hollis, Robert Ingram
The Identity Album by Kumiko Yamane


Homme/Poisson/Volant (Mann/Fish/Flying) Stone Sculpture by Gaspard Delachaux, 1985, Montreux

2017 The 12th Jungian Odyssey
Navigating Otherness: Friend or Foe?
Montreaux, Switzerland, Hotel Eden Palace au La
Keynote: Andrew Samuels
Special Guests: Ginette Paris, John Granrose
Inner Ways Album by William Hansen



2016 The 11th Jungian Odyssey
Inner Ways of Knowing: Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration
Zermatt, Switzerland, Parkhotel Beau-Site
Keynote: Henry Abramovitch
Special Guests: Lisa Sokolov, Eva Pattis Zoja
Inner Ways Album by Kosuke Hayashi



2015 The 10th Jungian Odyssey
On the Brink: Stepping into the Unforeseen
Emmetten, Switzerland, Hotel Seeblick
Keynote: Iain McGilchrist
Special Guest: Eva Pattis Zoja
Brink Album by Dian Abdurachman


2014 The 9th Jungian Odyssey
The Crucible of Failure
Grindelwald, Switzerland, Hotel Schweizerhof
Keynote Speaker: Polly Young-Eisendrath
Special Guest: Renos Papadopoulos
Failure Album by Naoko Nakamura


JO 2013 Bild Kartause Echos(1)

2013 The 8th Jungian Odyssey
Echoes of Silence: Listening to Soul, Self, Other
Thurgau, Switzerland  Kartause Ittingen
Keynote Speaker: David Whyte
Special Guest: Lionel Corbett
Echoes of Silence_Album by Naoko Nakamura


JO 2012 Bild Flüeli

2012 The 7th Jungian Odyssey
Love: Traversing Its Peaks and Valleys
Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland  Hotel Paxmontana
Keynote Speaker: Ann Ulanov
Special Guests: James Hollis, Mark Hederman
Love_Album by Margareta Ehnberg


JO 2011 Bild Monte Veri

2011 The 6th Jungian Odyssey
The Playful Psyche:
Entering Chaos, Coincidence, Creation
Ascona, Switzerland  Monte Verità
Keynote Speaker: F. David Peat
Special Guests: Joseph Cambray, Reinhard Nesper, Lisa Sokolov, Beverly Zabriskie
Playful Psyche_Album by Margareta Ehnberg


JO 2010 Bild Gersau

2010 The 5th Jungian Odyssey
Trust and Betrayal:
Dawnings of Consciousness
Gersau, Switzerland   Hotel Rotschuo
Keynote Speaker: Donald Kalsched
Special Guests: Robin van Loben Sels, Christian Roesler
Trust and Betrayal_Album by Margareta Ehnberg


JO 2009 Bild Sils

2009 The 4th Jungian Odyssey
Destruction and Creation:
Facing the Ambiguities of Power
Sils Maria, Switzerland   Hotel Waldhaus
Keynote Speaker: Paul Bishop
Special Guest: Ulrich Hoerni
Ambiguities of Power Album by Alexander Boëthius


JO 2008 Bild Beatenberg

2008 The 3rd Jungian Odyssey
Intimacy: Venturing the Uncertainties of the Heart
Beatenberg, Switzerland   Hotel Bluëmlisalp
Keynote Speaker: Ursula Wirtz
Special Guest: Noirin NiRiain
Venturing the Uncertainties of the Heart album


JO 2007 Bild Gersau 1

2007 The 2nd Jungian Odyssey
Exploring the Other Side: The Reality of Soul in a World of Prescribed Meanings
Gersau, Switzerland   Hotel Rotschuo
Keynote Speaker: James Hollis
Special Guest: Christopher Bamford
Exploring the Other Side Album by Stefan Boëthius


JO 2006 Bild Ranft

2006 The 1st Jungian Odyssey
Jungian Psychology Today: Traditions and Innovations and The Quest for Vision in a Troubled World: Exploring the Healing Dimensions of Religious Experience
Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland   Via Cordis Haus Dorothea
Keynote Speaker: Murray Stein
Special Guests: Mark Hederman, David Tacey
Album Exploring the Healing Dimensions of Religious Experience

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