International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul Under Postmodern Conditions 

A Symposium April 16  17, 2019 

Murray Stein, Introduction to Jung’s Liber Novus and the Method of Active Imagination
Paul Brutsche, The Creative Power of Soul: A Central Testimony of Jung’s Red Book 

Dramatic Reading From “Mysterium Encounter”, Liber Primus, Chapter IX, The Red Book
Paul Brutsche as Jung • John Hill as Elijah • Dariane Pictet as Salome  Murray Stein, Narrator 

Christine Maillard, Docteur ès Lettres Jung’s Subversive Christology in The Red Book
Dariane Pictet, Movements of Soul in Liber Novus 

Dramatic Reading The Red Book, Liber Secundus
Paul Brutsche as Jung • John Hill as Elijah • Dariane Pictet as Salome • Murray Stein, Narrator 

Thomas Arzt, “The Way of What is to Come:” Moving Ahead with The Red Book in a Time of Deep Uncertainty
Ann Li, The Receptive and the Creative: Dao in The Red Book
Bernard Sartorius, Jung’s Hermeneutical Diversity in The Red Book
John Hill, Confronting Jung: The Red Book Speaks to Our Time 

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