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Jungian Odyssey 2020 (announcement)

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Join us for our 15th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat 2020!





Join us for our 14th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat!

Since 2006, participants world-wide have acclaimed the Jungian Odyssey—ISAPZURICH’s annual spring semester retreat that opens to the general public our post-graduate level program with our faculty and guest scholars. Soul-seekers, life-long learners, and professionals looking for continuing education—all are welcome to join and share in the atmosphere of intimate cross-cultural exchange. Basic knowledge of C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology could be helpful, but is by no means required. “The earth has a spirit of her own, ”Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is the particular genius loci—and the current Zeitgeist—that lead us each year to a new place in Switzerland, inspiring each new conference topic.

Rupture and Repair

Minding Crippling Emotions

May 18-25, 2019
Hotel FloraAlpina
Vitznau, Switzerland


“There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion.” C.G. Jung (CW9i, §179)


Welcome • Introduction
Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil.
Academic Chair, Jungian Odyssey

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Ann Belford Ulanov, PhD
Jungian Analyst, Author

Special Guests
John A. Desteian, JD, DPsy
Jungian Analyst, Author

Judith A. Savage, MSW
Jungian Analyst, Author

With Faculty of ISAPZURICH

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The Jungian Odyssey 2019

invites your immersion in the landscape and spirit of Vitznau at Lake Lucerne. This is the famous terrain where, according to legend, fractured relations with foreign rulers spawned the Swiss freedom fighter (or assassin!) Wilhelm Tell, the Rütli Oath, and the birth of the Old Swiss Confederacy. It is little wonder that the region allured visionaries like Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, James Joyce and C.G. Jung himself. Here, the genius loci calls us to reflect on Rupture and Repair: Minding Crippling Emotions. (Photo: Lake Lucerne from Weggis, by Markus Bernet, Own Work, 2005, Creative Commons Share Alike Lic. 2.0)

“Emotion, incidentally, is not an activity of the
individual but something that happens to him.”
C.G. Jung (CW9ii, §15)

In today’s collective and intimate relationships, feelings of betrayal, abandonment, hate, rage, and revenge are enflamed especially by severe political turmoil and personal conflict thriving in the petri dishes of culture, religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Such events and others like the loss of loved ones or even breakdowns in the analytic dyad give us pause to consider the trauma and toxic emotions that can overwhelm us. How, then, might we discern the whole-making call of the Self? Might the descent into our own darkness help us to contemplate such ruptured existence and find pathways to repair, forgiveness, and peace with ourselves and others? For details on the week’s lectures, seminars, workshops, excursions, and other offerings download the full program.


(Photo: Hotel FloraAlpina; downloaded from TripAdvisor)

Retreat Setting
Hotel FloraAlpina
in Vitznau at Lake Lucerne 

“Where palm trees grow and grapevines flourish, right in the heart of Switzerland; where Lake Lucerne is but a stone’s throw away and the peak of Mount Rigi towers above—this is where you’ll find Hotel FloraAlpina, nestled among beautifully designed parkland […].” The 3-star hotel, formally a trade union retreat, has been serving guests for some 75 years. A five-minute walk down from its hilltop perch leads to FloraAlpina’s own lakeside beach, grotto, and boat pier. Other complementary amenities: WiFi; outdoor heated swimming pool and jacuzzi, a garden area with breath-taking views of the lake and mountains. (Photo: Hotel FloraAlpina; downloaded from TripAdvisor)


Odyssey Packages Include:

Chartered bus Zürich/Vitznau/Zürich 3-star hotel room & full board (excluding dinners on the two excursion dates and beverages at all meals) morning meditation mid-morning coffee breaks two wine receptions 7-day academic program, special events opt-in excursions (extra cost)  Exception Package #3: The academic program is excluded for the non-attendee partner (apart from the Saturday keynote address, which she/he is welcome to attend).  Exception: Package #4 is a limited “taster” program for residents of the Vitznau/Lucerne area (chartered bus and hotel overnights and amenities are not included); see the downloadable registration information.

Limited Enrollment • Unparalled Value
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Final Registration Deadline April 15

N.B. We are unable to provide discounts or refunds for partial use of Odyssey packages. • Students of ISAPZURICH are subject to other terms and deadlines, provided with the spring semester registration packet.

Odyssey Packages 
 Registration by March 30

 #1 One Attendee incl. Room & Board
Forest View Room: CHF 3,230.00 • Lake View: CHF 3,300.00

#2 Two Attendees incl. Room & Board, Per Attendee
Forest View Room: CHF 2,915.00 • Lake View: CHF 3,100.00

#3 One Attendee with One Non-Attendee incl. Room & Board
Lake View Room Only, Total: CHF 4,590.00

#4 Odyssey Taster, Per Person: CHF 250.00

Odyssey Packages 
• Registration after March 30

#1 One Attendee incl. Room & Board
Forest View Room: CHF 3,620.00 • Lake View: CHF 3,700.00

#2 Two Attendees incl. Room & Board, Per Attendee
Forest View Room: CHF 3,265.00 • Lake View: CHF 3,475.00

#3 One Attendee with One Non-Attendee incl. Room & Board
Lake View Room Only, Total: CHF 5,145.00

#4 Odyssey Taster, Per Person: CHF 280.00

Download the Full Program
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Jungian Odyssey Committee
[email protected]
Academic Chair: Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil.
Stacy Wirth, MA
Kathrin Schaeppi, MS, MFA
Katarzyna Wach, Mgr.Psych., Soc.Psych.

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