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Jungian Odyssey 2019 (announcement)

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Jungian Odyssey 2018

Join us for our 13th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat!

Since 2006, participants world-wide have acclaimed the Jungian Odyssey—ISAPZURICH’s annual spring semester retreat that opens to the general public our post-graduate level program with our faculty and guest scholars. Soul-seekers, life-long learners, professionals looking for continuing education—all are welcome to join and share in the atmosphere of intimate cross-cultural exchange. Basic knowledge of C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology could be helpful, but is by no means required. “The earth has a spirit of her own,” Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is the particular genius loci—and the current Zeitgeist—that lead us each year to a new place in Switzerland, inspiring each new conference topic.

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The Labyrinth of Identity
Unveiling Our Unlived Lives

May 26 – June 2, 2018
Huus Hotel Gstaad
Saanen, Switzerland

“Unlived life is a destructive, irresistible force
that works softly but inexorably.” C.G. Jung

(Photo Courtesy of Huus Hotel Gstaad)

Please note: Due to ill health, David Tacey, with deep regret, had to cancel his presentations at the Odyssey. We will miss David greatly, and wish him a good recovery. But we are equally fortunate and honored that James Hollis agreed to step in on David’s behalf.    

Welcome • Introduction
Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil.
Academic Chair, Jungian Odyssey

Keynote Speaker
Patricia Berry, PhD (USA)
Jungian Analyst
Co-Founder, Archetypal Psychology (with James Hillman)

Special Guests
Prof. James Hollis, PhD
Jungian Analyst, Writer

Robert Ingram, MA (USA, IT)
Jungian Analyst, Piano Player

With Faculty of ISAPZURICH

*** *** ***

The Jungian Odyssey 2018 invites your immersion in the landscape and spirit of Gstaad-Saanen, a place of elemental beauty—and a perfect setting for your intensive exploration of identity and unlived life. A look backward calls us to unveil “the silent facts in the background” and “their extremely contagious effect.” (Jung, CW17, §153). Who are we? In what ways do we perceive or identify ourselves within frameworks such as those of nationality, culture, family, class, education, profession, race, or sexuality?

“An interpreted world,” says Hildegard of Bingen, “is not home. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, to use our own voice, to see our own light.”

In the coming program we hope to discern with you the archetypal images that ensnare our “listening” but can equally lead us forward, toward the unveiling of our disowned or undiscovered lives and values that are really worth living for. Indeed, Jung holds it to be the task of all tasks to examine one’s personal myth, “to accomplish one’s destiny,” to follow one’s personal calling. For details on the week’s lectures, seminars, workshops, and other offerings download the full program



Retreat Setting • Huus Hotel Gstaad, Sannen, in the Bernese Alps

Nestled in the Bernese Alps and girded by forests, gardens, and outdoor terraces, Huus Hotel Gstaad offers breath-taking views of commanding alpine peaks, and down below, the enchanting village center of Saanen. Saanen, “the historical heart of the Saanenland,” was first chronicled in 1228, the year when the village Church of St. Mauritius was built. Picturesque chalets lining the narrow roads date as far back as the 15th century. The region in general is famously wed to traditional down-to-earth alpine life, evidenced among other ways by the 7000 cows—one per resident! But Saanen itself also takes pride in its participation in the annual music festival founded in 1957 by its honorary citizen, the great, enigmatic violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who lived for over forty years in near-by Gstaad. The village maintains as well a local history museum, the Menuhin Center, and a stretch of the spiritual Menuhin Philosopher’s Trail. Little wonder that Saanen counts among Switzerland’s most cherished national heritage sites!

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