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Jungian Odyssey 2018 (announcement)

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Jungian Odyssey 2017

Since 2006 our annual conference and retreat has opened ISAPZURICH’s post-graduate program to all with interest in C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology. “The earth has a spirit of her own,” Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is this, the particular genius loci, that infuses each Odyssey as it leads us to a different place in Switzerland each year and inspires each Odyssey’s topic. So, too, this spirit imbues our presenters’ views on contemporary research in a variety of fields, and as well, their handling of traditional areas of Jungian interest—fairytale, dream, myth, art, religion, personal and collective experience, clinical practice.

Navigating Otherness: Friend or Foe?

The Jungian Odyssey 2017 takes place in the French-speaking Canton of Vaud, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lavaux Riviera. Here vineyards hang between heaven and earth; monks grew grapes already in the 11th century; Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky composed; and Charlie Chaplin lived in exile from McCarthyism’s witch-hunt in the USA. Our main venue is in Montreux. Renowned for its jazz festival, the city faces the snow-covered French Alps and nestles in a sheltered bay of Lake Geneva. We will be “at port” in the lakeside Belle-Époque Hotel Eden Palace au Lac. In walking distance lies Chillon Castle, a medieval fortress and architectural jewel that well symbolizes the region’s history of clashing and asylum-seeking Others. In a nutshell:

From 1218 to the early 16th century the Vaud region was divided, standing largely under the reign of the great Savoys of Italy and France. But by 1536, the German-speaking Swiss from Bern had conquered the territory and imposed the Protestant reformation. During the Bernese rule, reformist Christians fleeing persecution found refuge in the Montreux area. Yet conflict between the Francophone and Germanic cultures was broiling. Galvanized by the French Revolution and aided by Napoleon’s army, the Vaudois in 1798 ousted their Bernese occupiers. Hardly was this done than did Napoleon take over Switzerland and make of the Vaud region a canton of the new culturally diverse and loosely allied Swiss Republic, modeled on his République. But already in 1802, the alliance fell to a bloody civil war. Repair began in 1803 when Napoleon established the basis for today’s Swiss Confederation. To this day, though, there exists the “Röstigraben,” the “hash-brown potato trench.” On one side of it stand the Vaudois and the other French-speaking Swiss, still a struggling minority—and on the other side, the German-speaking Swiss, the steadfast majority of the land. The envisaged “trench” acknowledges a divide but also a latent meeting place, urging us all to face the Otherness and the friend/ foe dilemmas in our lives.

We invite your immersion in this symbolically resonant place, and your exploration of Otherness, this basic aspect of human being. We aim to better understand how and why we as individuals and groups erect fortresses against other persons, cultures, religions, classes, races, genders—but also build bridges to reach them. Where and how do we experience the Other within and outside of ourselves? In the outer world of collapsing boundaries and swelling migration and immigration? In personal relationships? In the perhaps most intimate realm, where we encounter the uncanny Other as foreigners in our dreams, in our shadowy attitudes, in our duresses of soul, or even in the form of psychic illness? How do we relate to the ultimate Other, to the unnamable wholly Other, the transcendent? Can we recognize and reconcile the Others within and outside as catalysts for growth and individuation?


Hotel Eden Palace au Lac (courtesy photo)

Venue, Cost, Registration

The Eden Palace au Lac, opened in 1896, is 4-star hotel located on the shore of Lake Geneva. Outside of the city hub-bub, it is but a 10-minute walk from the Montreux train station, and an easy jaunt along the lake promenade to the city center with its abundant shops, bars, and restaurants. The hotel’s restored interior structures beautifully display the elegant Belle-Époque design. The furnishings in Louis XVI style show what we call “faded glory.” Yet both indoors and outdoors on the flowering terraces, the hotel offers a splendid and relaxing ambience. All bedrooms are furnished as doubles, but priced for single and double occupancy. They are all equipped with WC, shower, telephone, and free wireless LAN. Most streetview rooms have a balcony; of these, many look onto a mountain backdrop. All the lakeview rooms have a balcony or a terrace overlooking Lake Geneva and the French Alps. Wellness offerings include massage, sauna, steam bath, and—weather permitting—outdoor swimming in the small pool or in the lake. We urge your early registration, as the room availabilities are limited. Also, your registration by April 1 comes with a price advantage!

Your Odyssey Package Covers:

  • Chartered bus Zürich/Montreux/Zürich on May 27 and June 3
  • 4-star hotel, 7 overnights with full board (excluding dinner on the two excursion days and beverages at all meals)
  • 7-day program of lectures, seminars, workshops, special events, wine reception, daily meditation and coffee break
  • Pre-arranged group excursions for opt-in at extra cost
  • Montreux Riviera Card for free travel on the Mobilis Montreux Riviera Transportation Network. (Travel to and from Switzerland is not included.)

Students of ISAPZURICH are subject to other terms and deadlines, provided with the spring semester registration packet.

With thanks for your understanding: We are unable to provide discounts or refunds for partial use of the Odyssey package.

Ask us about limited scholarship funds: [email protected]

Package by April 20 (extended deadline) with Room Choice:

  • Single standard streetview CHF 3100.00
  • Double standard streetview CHF 3000/person
  • Single premium lakeview CHF 3300.00
  • Double premium lakeview CHF 3200.00/person

Package after April 20 with Room Choice:

  • Single standard streetview CHF 3500.00
  • Double standard streetview CHF 3400/person
  • Single premium lakeview CHF 3700.00
  • Double premium lakeview CHF 3600.00/person

Final Registration Deadline: May 1, 2017



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