International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Semester Fees

Tuition per Semester

Training Candidate

CHF 3000

Diploma Candidate

CHF 2800

Matriculated Auditor

CHF 2500

Candidate on Leave of Absence

CHF 1200

Matriculated Auditor on Leave of Absence

CHF 300


Propaedeuticum Exams

CHF 900

Diploma Exams

CHF 2400

Continuing Education Exam & Certificate

CHF 300

Postponement, per Exam

CHF 100

Repeated Case Exam

CHF 500

All Other Repeated Exams

CHF 150

Other Fees

Application for Studies

CHF 150

Postponed Start of Studies

CHF 100

Interviews (per Interview)

CHF 130

Tuition fees include membership dues for the Student Association. If you prefer not to be a member, subtract CHF 25.-

Fees for control case colloquium are not included.

How to Pay

Please see our Payment Page for details on making payments.