International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich


Isabelle Meier, Dr .phil

+41 44 252 84 13
[email protected]

Stampfenbachstrasse 123
8006 Zürich

Training/Supervising Analyst
Swiss Certified Psychotherapist
Is authorized to conduct training with candidates of the CH-program

Isabelle Meier, PhD is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich (1996) and maintains a private practice in Zürich. She has further trained as a Guided Affective Imagery (GAI) therapist. She received her doctorate in psychology from the University of Zurich, as well as her degree in history and philosophy. She is a training analyst and supervisor of ISAPZURICH and was co-president 2012- 2016. She served as co-chair of the Jungian Odyssey Committee 2006-2012, and as Vise-president of SGAP 1998-2004.

Isabelle Meier has authored several publications as Komplexe and Dissoziationen. Weiterentwicklung von Theorie und Praxis der Analytischen Psychologie (Brandes & Apsel 2017) Grandparents. Archetypal and clinical perspectives on the grandparent-grandchild-relationship (Routledge, 2016). She co-edited the research book Seele und Forschung (Karger Verlag, 2006), and is on the editorial board of the German journal Analytische Psychologie.

Her special area of interest lies in the links of imagination, intersubjectivity, complexes and archetypes.

Doktorat in Psychologie, 2004, Universität Zürich
Studium der Psychologie, MA, 1997, University of Zurich
Studium der Allgemeinen Geschichte und Philosophie, MA 1987, University of Zurich

Professional Organizations
ISAPZURICH International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich AGAP Post-Graduate Jungian Training
CGJI, C.G. Jung-Institut Küsnacht
AGAP Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology
IAAP International Association for Analytical Psychology
FSP Föderation Schweizer PsychologInnen
CHARTA Schweizer Charta für Psychotherapie
SAGKB Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Katathym-imaginative Psychotherapie

Languages Spoken
Deutsch, English

Age Groups
Adults and adolescents

Treatment Types

Fairy Tales
Dream Interpretation
Diagnostic Testing

Lectures and Publications
Complex theory and therapy
Dissociation and complexes
Imagination therapy
Analytical psychology and neuroscience

Meier, I. (2019). ‘Basic needs and complexes: similarities between feeling-toned complexes, emotional schema and affective states’ In Journal of Analytical Psychology, forthcoming Nov 2019

Meier, I. (2019). Zum Zusammenhang von Grundbedürfnissen und Komplexen. In Analytische Psychologie (50), forthcoming Nov. 2019

Meier, I. (2017). ‘Archetypal Transference /Countertransference and Dissociation.’ Anima Mundi in Transition: Cultural, Clinical & Professional Challenges. Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology in Kyoto 2016, ed. by E. Kiehl & M. Klenck (p. 310 – 318). Zurich: Daimon.

Meier, I. (2017). ‘Konjunkturen des Heimatbegriffes. Historisch-jungianische Betrachtungen’. Analytische Psychologie (48):294-306.

Meier, I. (2017). ‘Uneingeladene Geister im Praxisraum. Über den Einfluss der balkanischen Kultur in Jungschen Therapien’. In Analytische Psychologie (48), 187, 1: 28-43.

Meier, I. (2017) Komplexe und Dissoziation. Weiterentwicklung von Theorie und Praxis der analytischen Psychologie. Frankfurt: Brandes & Apsel.

Meier, I. (2017). Grandparents. Archetypal and clinical perspectives on grandparent-grandchild-relationships. Hove: Routledge.