International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Mission Statement

Analytical Psychology, taught at ISAPZURICH, was founded by C.G.Jung (1875-1961). It belongs to the psychodynamic and depth psychology schools in which the unconscious plays a central role. It developed out of Freud’s psychoanalysis. Psychic problems are treated therapeutically as well as seen as an impetus toward personality development and activating latent abilities. Analytical Psychology treats the entire spectrum of psychic disturbances, especially depression, anxiety, relationship and work conflicts, as well as personality and dissociative disorders and general disturbances whose aetiology may lie in childhood development and individual complexes. In C.G.Jung’s Analytical Psychology the collective and personal unconscious, including archetypes and complexes, are the basis for forming human beings and their relationships. The goal of therapy is to work through and resolve disturbances. To this end the emphasis lies in contact with the unconscious through symbolic material such as dreams, pictures, imagination, sand play, myths and fairy tales. The challenge of becoming conscious through this dialogue with symbolic contents helps the client to clarify and overcome his problems and encourages his authenticity and creativity. Jungian psychotherapy works toward the development of the personality in the sense of individuation. Questions concerning the meaning of life are addressed in a Jungian psychotherapy. The Jungian approach is transcultural, based on the basic assumption that mankind has similar experiences in all cultural, ethical and religious dimensions.

The ASP carries the responsibility for the CH-program of ISAPZURICH. The guiding principle of the ASP incorporates the integrity of psychotherapy further education: Theory, personal analysis and supervised work with clients must form a coherent whole, and this is the case with ISAPZURICH’s further education program. In addition, ASP aims to assure a high quality of ethical and academic standards within a culture of exchange and cooperation which are in any case fundamental for ISAPZURICH.

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