International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich


Elected Members of the Committees by the ISAP Participant Assembly, March 24th, 2018

Deborah Egger, President   [email protected]
Diane Cousineau Brutsche, Vice President   [email protected]
Lucienne Marguerat, Secretary   [email protected]
Nancy Krieger, Program Director   [email protected]
Marianne Peier, Director of Studies   [email protected]
Christa Robinson, Treasurer   [email protected]
Ursula Ulmer, Director of Admission   [email protected]
Heike Weis Hyder, Psychiatry  [email protected]

Admissions Committee
Ursula Ulmer (Director)
Marco Della Chiesa
Christiana Ludwig
Jody Schlatter
Sandy Schnekenburger
Erhard Trittibach
Isabe von Uslar

Study Committee
Marianne Peier (Director)
Christiana Ludwig (Exams coordination)
Yuriko Sato

Counseling Service
Vreni Bollag (Chair)
Ursula Ulmer

Program Committee
Nancy Krieger (Director)
Galina Angelova Meier
Ann Chia-Yi Li
Margareta Ehnberg
Margot Estabrook-Stienstra
Francisco Garcia
Peter Luginbühl

Promotion Committee
Ursula Wirtz (Chair)
Paul Brutsche
Katarina Casanova
Christa Gubler
Ursula Lenz Bücker
Murray Stein

Nominations Committee
Nathalie Baratoff (Co-chair)
Yuriko Sato (Co-chair)
Constance Steiner-Blake
Daniela Droescher

Maria Meyer-Grass (Guaweg 12, CH-7252 Klosters)
Gary Hayes

Non-Elected Members of the Committees by the ISAP Participant Assembly, March 24th, 2018

Charta-Delegation (not elected)
Isabelle Meier
Marianne Peier-Baer

Academic Departments (not elected)
Nathalie Baratoff (Coordinator)

Exams & Exam Conference (not elected)
Christiana Ludwig (Coordinator)

Administration Committee (not elected)
Postal Mailing Coordinator: Front Office
Social Events Coordinator: Vacancy

Jungian Odyssey (not elected)
Ursula Wirtz (Chair)
Kathrin Schaeppi
Stacy Wirth
Katarzyna Wach

Zurich Lecture Series (not elected)
Murray Stein (Chair)
Luis Moris
Penelope Yungblut
Nathalie Boëthius (provisional)

Task Force German Program (not elected)
Paul Brutsche (Chair)
Irene Berkenbusch
Katarina Casanova
Margareta Ehnberg
Lucienne Marguerat
Marianne Peier
Ilsabe von Uslar

CoC, Committee of Care (not elected)
Diane Cousineau Brutsche (Chair)
Vreni Bollag
Ursula Ulmer

Finance Committee (not elected)
Christa Robinson, Director
Luis Moris
Dariane Pictet
Constance Steiner-Blake

BAG Accreditation (not elected)
Isabelle Meier (Chair)
Paul Brutsche
Marco Della Chiesa
Lucienne Marguerat
Marianne Peier

C.G. Jung entdecken (not elected)
Isabelle Meier (Chair)
Katharina Casanova

Library Liaison (not elected)
Lucienne Marguerat

Students Representation (not elected)
Irina Aleyeva
Gabor Majdan

Office-Team (OT)
Melanie Bishop (Accounting)
Korine Bolt (Front Office)
Claire Ironside (Front Office)
Barbara Jarrett (Library)
Catherine McBroom (Library)
Carol McGinty (Library)
Lydia Verburg (Studies Secretary)

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