Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

Chinese Medicine - Autumn 2019
When Chinese Medicine Encounters Jungian Psychology


This one-day event will present a series of interrelated lectures centering on the use of Analytical Psychology, the I Ching and Chinese medicine by Jun Xu, Jungian analyst and director of the Mercury Centre in Nanjing and Christa Robinson, training and supervising analyst at ISAP. The heart of the lectures is a seven-year case, treated both with acupuncture and Jungian methods. Chinese Medicine has a scientific, qualitative approach to man and therefore co-operates well with Jungian psychology. The complementarity of the methods will be shown in this presentation. The different perspective of the Wilhelm and the Eranos I Ching translation and their use in the analytical setting, will be presented for the first time in a western country. Combined with the Jungian approach and Chinese medicine they are a powerful tool for healing and a deep-going access to the unconscious world.

Date & Venue

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

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Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Tuesday, 10 September


Christa Robinson, MA (with Jun Xu)
The Roots of Chinese Traditional Medicine in the I Ching
The Universal Compass of the (Eranos) I Ching presents the mandala that is the basis of the Chinese culture. Its eight main trigrams with their manifold associations change in three specific ways or cycles that allow precise observations in psychosomatic illnesses, dreams and attitudes, etc. The I Ching and Chinese medicine can complement one another for the benefit of patients.

Free Time for Lunch


Jun Xu
Presentation of a Seven-Year Case
The report of a seven-year case using acupuncture and traditional medicine that became blocked until the introduction of Jungian concepts. This case shows a way to work through the shadow realm of the unconscious.


Jun Xu
Comparison of the Chinese and Jungian Approaches
Both approaches will be looked at from the attitude of the practitioner with regard to to their role in the healing process. Several examples will be given.

Free Time for Dinner


Christa Robinson, MA (with Jun Xu)
How To Use the I Ching in Our Clinical Practice
Differences between the Eranos and Wilhelm versions of the I Ching will be used to show how these can be used in our clinical practice, ending with a general discussion.

Cost & Registration

Payment in cash at the door

The Complete Lecture Series

General Entry: CHF 100
Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 60

Per Lecture
General Entry: CHF 30
Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 20

Gratis for ISAP Students and Analysts


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