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CANCELLED: Jungian Odyssey 2020

With great regret, we must inform you that we are compelled to cancel this year’s Jungian Odyssey (May 23-30). More ….

Join us for our 15th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat!

Since 2006, participants world-wide have acclaimed the Jungian Odyssey—ISAPZURICH’s annual spring semester retreat that opens to the general public our post-graduate level program with our faculty and guest scholars. Soul-seekers, life-long learners, and professionals looking for continuing education—all are welcome to join and share in the atmosphere of intimate cross-cultural exchange. Basic knowledge of C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology could be helpful, but is by no means required. “The earth has a spirit of her own, ”Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is the particular genius loci—and the current Zeitgeist—that lead us each year to a new place in Switzerland, inspiring each new conference topic.

(Photo: Zermatt Switzerland Matterhorn Night, by Chensiyuan, GNU free documentation license v.1.2)

Searching for Soul
in Times of Anxiety

May 23 – 30, 2020
Parkhotel Beau-Site
Zermatt, Switzerland





I had to become aware that I had lost my soul.” C.G. Jung (The Red Book)

Welcome  Introduction

Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil.
Academic Chair, Jungian Odyssey

Keynote Speaker

Thomas Moore, PhD

Special Guests

Hari Kirin, MFA, MA

Craig E. Stephenson, PhD

With Faculty of ISAPZURICH

*** *** ***

Searching for Soul in times of Anxiety

The Jungian Odyssey 2020 will be a kind of homecoming as we return for the second time to Zermatt—the remote yet beloved locus that now inspires our reflections on the realms of the soul. In today’s life—so riddled with anxieties of many kinds—we seem to experience an acute splitting of two archetypally coupled realities: the outer objective world and the world of soul or psychic interiority. We seem to suffer collectively from soul alienation and even soul murder. With the soul in exile, do we risk losing touch with that part in us that is immortal? Might a re-summoning of soul provide an antidote to anxiety?
(Photo: Zermatt, by ISAP student Kosuke Hayashi, ©2016)

Our search for this “untethered” part needs to begin with our (re-)attunement to soul’s secret dwelling places, i.e. places that resonate with poetry, beauty, remoteness, ambiguity, brokenness, pain, paradox, mystery. Some apt starting points can be found in the imagery of nature, fairy tale, myth, dream, literature, music, dance, and other arts. What can we learn from alchemy and meta-physics about the soul’s autonomy? What other stones might we turn? A unique feature of the Odyssey 2020 is our offer of one full day of experiential workshops that afford you the chance for intense and creative immersion in your choice of work with the body, dreams, or fairy tales. One workshop will head out for a guided hike in the vicinity of the Matterhorn (weather permitting).

Download the full brochure for details on lectures, seminars, workshops, excursions, and other offerings.


Retreat Setting
Parkhotel Beau-Site, Zermatt
beneath the mystical Matterhorn

The remote village of Zermatt is nestled beneath the Matterhorn in the Canton of Wallis at an altitude of 1600 meters (5250 feet). Our 4-star venue Parkhotel Beau-Site boasts a breath-taking view of the iconic Matterhorn as well as a five-minute walk to the village center. The hotel is widely praised for its staff courtesy and fine cuisine, as well for its complementary wellness offerings, which include an indoor heated swimming pool, whirlpools, sauna, and steam bath. Free wireless LAN is available throughout the hotel. (Photo: Parkhotel Beau-Site, Courtesy of the Hotel)


Odyssey Packages Include:

• Group train travel Zürich/Zermatt/Zürich with one piece of checked baggage (additional bags at CHF 24.00 each)  4-star hotel  room & full board (excluding beverages at all meals)  morning meditation  mid-morning coffee breaks  a wine reception  7-day academic program, special events  an opt-in excursion (extra cost)  Exception: Package #3: The academic program is excluded for the non-attendee partner (apart from the Saturday keynote address, which she/he is welcome to attend).  Exception: Package #4 is a limited “taster” program for residents of the Zermatt area (group train travel, hotel overnights and hotel amenities are not included).

Limited Enrollment  Unparallelled Value

Register soon to ensure your place and save on your Odyssey package!

Final Registration Deadline April 15, 2020

Odyssey Packages Price with Registration by March 30

#1 One Attendee • CHF 3500.00
#2 Two Attendees sharing a double room, Per Attendee • CHF 3290.00
#3 One Attendee with One Non-Attendee sharing a double room • Total CHF 4790.00
#4 Odyssey Taster, Per Person: CHF 250.00

Odyssey Packages  Price with Registration after March 30

#1 One Attendee • CHF 3800.00
#2 Two Attendees sharing a double room, Per Attendee • CHF 3590.00
#3 One Attendee with One Non-Attendee sharing a double room • Total CHF 5270.00
#4 Odyssey Taster, Per Person: CHF 280.00

Registration • Full Program • Further Resources

N.B. We are unable to provide discounts or refunds for partial use of Odyssey packages Students of ISAPZURICH are subject to other terms and deadlines, provided by the ISAP Front Office.


Mark Your Calendar

The early gathering on May 23 allows us to ensure that your baggage is checked-in on time and that we go together to board our reserved rail car. We will have the group ticket; be sure to have your passport or national ID card on hand. (Photo: Zürich Main Station, by RI, 2007, GNU Free Documentation License)

Saturday, May 23 • Group Train Trip • Zurich to Zermatt

08:00 Gather at the Red Cube Group Meeting Point, Zürich Main Station

09:02 Train departure

12:14 Arrival in Zermatt, Wine Reception, Lunch

19:00 Latest expected delivery of checked baggage to Parkhotel Beau-Site

Saturday, May 30  Group Train Trip • Zermatt to Zürich

10:00 Check-in at Zermatt Station

10:37 Train departure

13:58 Arrival in Zürich, Main Station

18:00 Latest expected delivery of checked baggage to the Zürich Main Station

May 30th Return from Zermatt  Your Baggage

• Will your return trip entail a transfer to connecting trains, flights, or other scheduled matters? If so, to avoid delays, you might consider hand-carrying your baggage on the train from Zermatt. • Baggage checked-in at the Zermatt station is due to arrive no later than 18:00 (6:00 PM) for your pick-up at the Zurich Main Station. • We can help you arrange to have your baggage delivered from Zermatt to the Zurich Airport or other Swiss train stations. • Baggage is due to arrive no later than 15:00 (3:00 PM) for your pick-up at the Zürich Airport (train station).

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ISAPZURICH is striving to become a carbon-neutral organization. If you are flying for this Odyssey (or any other events, anywhere in the world), we would appreciate your contribution toward CO2 offset, paid via myclimate. Depending on your flight routes, the cost amounts to little more than several cups of good coffee.
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Jungian Odyssey Committee

Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil., Academic Chair


Stacy Wirth, MA

Kathrin Schaeppi, MS, MFA

Katarzyna Wach, Mgr.Psych., Soc.Psych


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