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Peter Ammann, Sandplay with Dora Kalff

a Film Produced and Directed by Peter Ammann

The only film document in which you can see Dora Kalff working with children in the sand and at the same time explaining her method is now available at the ISST secretary: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 
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Dora M. Kalff (1904–1990) developed her Sandplay Therapy in the late 1950’s. It is based on the psychological principles of Carl Gustav Jung and on the World Technique method of Margaret Lowenfeld. This creative form of therapy uses sand, water and miniatures to form three-dimensional images within the “free and protected space” of the therapeutic relationship and the sand tray. 


John Hill, At Home in the World

Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging, Spring Journal Books, New Orleans, 2010. 
This work offers a profound philosophical and psychological exploration of the multi-dimensional significance of home and the interwoven themes of homelessness and homesickness in contemporary global culture. Home as a particular dwelling place, as a cultural or national identity, as a safe temenos in therapy, and as a metaphor for the individuation process are analyzed expertly from multi-disciplinary perspectives and, more poignantly, through the sharing of diverse narratives that bear witness to lives lived and endured from memories of homes lost and regained.
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Andreas Schweizer, The Sungod´s Journey through the Netherworld – Reading the Ancient Egyptian Amduat

Foreword by Erik Hornung, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-8014-4875-1 (230 pages).

"The ancient Egyptian sources come alive, speaking to us without seeming alien to our modern ways of thinking. Andreas Schweizer invites us to join the nocturnal voyage of the solar barque and to immerse ourselves, with the 'Great Soul' of the sun, into the darkness surrounding us. Here in the illustrations and texts of the Amduat, threats hidden in the depths of our soul become visible as concrete images.
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Murray Stein, Ed., Symbolic Life 2009

Spring Journal Books, New Orleans, Louisiana

This new issue of Spring celebrates the 70th anniversary of Jung's 1939 lecture on “The Symbolic Life” to the Guild of Pastoral Psychology in London and considers if and how Jung’s path into living a symbolic life is still viable today.
Murray Stein, the President of the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAPZURICH) serves as the guest editor of this volume, and the contributors are all analysts or students affiliated with ISAPZURICH.
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The Asheville Jung Center has recorded a whole series of DVD seminars conducted by ISAPZURICH Analysts. Order the new releases here >>>

AJC #1: 1st Pillar: Individuation A Life Long Journey

This DVD looks at the principle of “Individuation.” Individuation is a lifelong developmental process that usually involves separating from parents, establishing success in love and work, integrating disowned parts of one’s self, breaking away from societal and family expectations, listening to one’s unconscious, and finding an ultimate wholeness and balance in life. It is the ultimate goal and challenge for those of us striving to live life to its fullest.

AJC #2: 2nd Pillar: Therapeutic Relationship from a Jungian Perspective
This 2 DVD set takes an in-depth look at the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. It examines the deepening stages within long term therapy and the complicated interplay between the conscious and unconscious of both client and therapist, including the profoundly transforming elements. The seminars include an intimate conversation with Mario Jacoby, now in his 80′s, who shares his personal stories as an analyst having encountered C. G. Jung in his earlier days.

AJC #3: 3rd Pillar: Dream Interpretation: A Jungian Approach
Carl Jung regarded dreams as central to his psychotherapy. Dreams continue to be held in the highest esteem by Jungian analysts and are one of the primary methods used to engage the unconscious mind. This seminar will explore the different approaches to dream analysis and guide practitioners into a deeper awareness of how to use dream material. Numerous examples of analyzing dreams will be offered including many images from dreams.

AJC #4 : Active Imagination & The Use of Images in Jungian Analysis
In the classic form of Jungian psychoanalysis, active imagination played a key role as a method for engaging the unconscious and for promoting the more advanced stages of the individuation process. This seminar examines how the method came into being, how it is used, and how it has evolved during the past several decades into its contemporary forms. Murray Stein and Paul Brutsche shows how client images are interpreted within the context of long-term Jungian psychotherapy.

AJC #9: The Jung-White Letter A Theatrical Performance and Discussion
This 2 DVD set includes the 90 minute performance based on a careful selection of letters exchanged between Professor Carl Jung and Father Victor White. It is an unforgettable experience of drama and intellectual stimulation as the story of this rich and multifaceted relationship unfolds. The second DVD contains a lively 2 hour teaching seminar from Dr. Murray Stein, one of Zurich’s foremost Jungian analysts. It also contains over an hour of in depth interviews with the primary actors and actresses involved in the performance.

AJC #10 : Carl Jung’s Red Book
One of the most carefully guarded Jungian tomes, the Red Book, contains the record of Jung’s most personal journey, a journey that brought him to the confluence of brilliance and insanity. With painstaking detail, numerous paintings, images, dialogues and reflections were recorded, revealing his rich archetypal world. It holds the inspiration for much of his pioneering theories and clinical techniques. In this 3 hour DVD seminar, Dr. Murray Stein leads us through a fascinating journey into Jung’s Red Book.

AJC #11 The Red Book Part II: Further Exploring Jung’s Visionary Masterpiece
In this 2nd seminar on the Red Book, Dr. Murray Stein enters much further into the text, including the third section know as The Scrutinies and The Seven Sermons to the Dead. Don’t miss this 3 hour seminar going deeper into this amazing book.

AJC #13: Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics:  The Case of Barack Obama
Murray Stein and Bernard Sartorius review a broad history of how humankind has engaged it’s perception of reality, from ancient Egypt to modernity. They look at how our current political splits between Islam and the West have developed and lead to a stalemate of sorts. Their exploration includes an in-depth analysis of global leadership and how President Obama has successfully (and unsuccessfully) engaged in this arena.

AJC #15:  Symbols of Individuation in Religion and Mythology- The Case of Egypt
Around 1500 B.C. ancient Egypt created an illustrated vision of the hereafter that ranks among the greatest works of humankind. Its initial impact endured for more than a millennium and served as the model for an entire literary genre known as “Books of the Afterlife” or “Books of the Netherworld”. In this 3 hour seminar, Dr. Andreas Schweizer explores the realm of religion and spirituality through the eyes of ancient Egyptian mythology.  The oldest of these books on the afterlife is the Amduat, which literally means “that which is in the netherworld”. The Amduat describes the journey of the Sun-god and all the blessed dead traveling with him through the twelve nocturnal hours.  At the deepest point of this murky realm of the dead, while at the very edge of primordial darkness, the mystery of rebirth and the renewal of life takes place.






Peter Ammann, Laurens van der Post, Bushman and their Stories

a Film Produced and Directed by Peter Ammann, 3 DVD’s, 2010. 

Region Code: 0 (Playable in all Regions)
In January 1986 Laurens van der Post was invited to give a series of three lectures at the C.G. Jung-Institute Zürich in Küsnacht about his experiences of and with the Bushmen during which he recounted and interpreted many of their stories in his own inimitable way.
Worldsales: Peter Ammann, Gotthelfstrasse 36, CH-5000 Aarau, Switzerland, email: pjammann(at) 

Rolf Kaufmann, Am Puls der Evolution - Drei Träume von C. G. Jung,

Verlag opus magnum, 2010.

Ist menschliches Bewusstsein auf dem blauen Planeten nur das Aufleuchten einer Sternschnuppe am Nachthimmel: ein fantastischer Augenblick, nicht mehr? Uns droht das Aus. Andererseits gibt es den Hoffnungsschimmer schöpferischer Einfälle des Unbewussten, unseres direkten Drahts zur Evolution. Diese verfügt über ein uraltes Know-how im Krisenmanagement und kann Untergänge in Übergänge umgestalten.
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Shirley See Yan Ma, Footbinding:  A Jungian Engagement in Chinese Culture and Psychology

published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis group, London, UK, 2009.

In this book Shirley See Yan Ma provides a Jungian perspective on the Chinese tradition of footbinding and considers how it can be used as a metaphor for the suffering of women and the repression of the   feminine, as well as a symbol for hope, creativity and spiritual transformation. This original book will be of great interest to Jungian analysts looking for a new perspective. It will also be of interest to anyone studying Chinese culture and psychology.
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Murray Stein, Ed., Jungian Psychoanalysis, Working in the Spirit of C. G.Jung

Open Court (2010). 

Written by 40 of the most notable Jungian psychoanalysts "Jungian Psychoanalysis" represents the pinnacle of Jungian thought. The book centers on five areas of interest: the fundamental goals of Jungian psychoanalysis, the methods of treatment used in pursuit of these goals, reflections on the analytic process, the training of future analysts, and special issues, such as working with trauma victims, handicapped patients, or children and adolescents, and emergent religious and spiritual issues. 
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Stacy Wirth, Isabelle Meier, John Hill, Ed., Destruction and Creation. Facing the Ambiguities of Power, Jungian Odyssey, vol. II

Spring Journal Books, New Orleans, Louisiana 2010.

This collection of essays, ensuing from the Jungian Odyssey retreat in Sils-Maria, Switzerland in 2009, views patterns of destruction and creation through the lens of C. G. Jung's analytical psychology. The authors are training analysts and guest scholars of the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zürich, Switzerland (ISAPZURICH). 
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