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The Jungian Odyssey is approaching its 9th year of success as an English-language retreat and conference. At this event ISAPZURICH opens its post-graduate program to all with interest in C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology. The earth has a spirit of her own, Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is this, the particular genius loci, that infuses each Odyssey as it leads us to a different place in Switzerland each year and inspires each Odysseys topic. So, too, it imbues our presenters analytic views on contemporary research in a variety of fields, and as well, their handling of traditional areas of Jungian interestfairytale, dream, myth, art, religion, personal and collective experience, clinical practice.

The Crucible of Failure

altThe Jungian Odyssey 2014 is galvanized by the spirit emanating from Grindelwald, a village lying in a green hollow at 3392 ft (1034 m) in the Bernese Alps. An (in)famous trio commands this historic setting: the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. If these majestic mountains could speak, they would tell of climbers who risked their lives scaling formidable heightssome to successful ends and others failing tragically. Grindelwald itself became a literal cauldron of violent change in 1892, when it was nearly decimated by fire. Hotel Schweizerhof, built in 1893 on the foundation of the totally incinerated village smithy, is a most apt place for our imagining of the soul in alchemical transformation. As a collective we seem bent on attaining Icarus-like heights, geared ever more toward the future, lusting for perfection, dominance, money, and fame. The fear of failing seems to be built into our collective identity. It is as if we are programmed to defend against failure, as if it were a narcissistic wound that contains the unbearable shame of not being good enough, not creative enough, not related enough, not happy enough. This Jungian Odyssey invites you to lift the taboo, to embrace failures [as] priceless experiences that open the way to a deeper truth &. C.G. Jung, CW16, §73


altVenue, Cost, Registration

The Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof, run since the 1960s by the same family, is a short walking distance to the center of Grindelwald, with easy access to the charming local museum and nature trails. Nested in lush gardens, this venue promises an exclusive location with an imposing mountain backdrop that thrills guests from all over the world. Among other inviting features are the wellness facilities and the cozy lounge with a fireplace, library, and bar. The comfortable roomsall with bath or shower, telephone, and wireless Internetvary in cost according to size and floor plan. We offer these as standard and premium rooms (no discount for double occupancy). Room availabilities are limited, so your early registration will help us meet your preference!


Odyssey fees cover " a pre-Odyssey reception & tour of ISAPs new home, on May 23 " Roundtrip chartered bus Zürich/Grindelwald " Full room and board (excluding dinner on the excursion date and beverages at all meals) " Morning meditation " Coffee breaks " Full program of lectures, seminars, workshops, excursion and other special events. " Travel to and from Switzerland is not included.

Price advantage with registration by April 1, 2014:
  • incl. standard room CHF 3,150.00/person
  • incl. premium room CHF 3,300.00/person
Students of ISAPZURICH are subject to other terms and deadlines, provided with the spring semester registration packet.




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